• Andre Buchanan

Does your office need a lighting tune up?

With a greater focus on people in the workplace; our wellbeing, our mental health, there is a shift occurring in design. We are designing workplaces to be more people-centric; to make it safer, more attractive, more comfortable and more flexible. Lighting is something that can drastically affect our workplaces, from discomfort issues like eye strain and headaches, to evaluating art/design to connecting us with the intended function and productivity of the space.

To start with coordinating your lighting to your workplace needs, look at the color:

  • Blue/day light - the natural light from the sun is considered blue light; some say the best kind of blue light. Blue light can also be emitted from LEDs, televisions, phones, computers, tablets and bulbs. Where to use it - because blue light lowers your melatonin, use it in focused workspaces where it encourages alertness and focus.

  • Yellow light - this light is more relaxing for your eyes and offers a pleasant feeling of being in a cozy, friendly place. It may not provide the focus that blue light does, but yellow bulbs can still have an important affect in the workplace. Where to use it - because warm light can create a sense of trust and openness, use it in meeting rooms, breakout rooms or collaboration areas where it encourages calm and relaxed work or discussions.

  • White light - the brightness of this light can be very much "in your face" - which makes it ideal of commercial spaces like warehouses, commercial areas or places of viewing art/design/pictures. This light can be too intense; making you too alert and leaving you feeling tired and irritated at the end of the day so more and brighter is not better with this type of light. Where to use it - because it can help you be focused and concentrate, use it in learning environments, kitchens/bathrooms or conference rooms where it encourages learning, alertness and focus.

In this period of realigning our workplaces and our lives, lighting gives an opportunity to help tune these environments to their optimum performance. Small changes with bulbs can drastically affect our team members performance and health. Let us know if you need help tuning your lighting to meet the needs of your shifting office environment.

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